Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

and now for something completely different

Painting without paint :D

Now I know I did some things wrong, like use the wrong brush to do it all, so then I went over it again with the proper brush lol. That is okay, practice makes perfect right ;) And my hair needs way more practice, apparently so do my left angled strokes, they just don't flow that way for me.

This is a picture of Ashlin and painted using my mouse and photoediting program. It is supposed to look like a painting anyways. I do suppose I need A LOT more practice hey ;) And I am not to sue but I need a lot less USM when I start out.

So here it is, my first (quite obvious hey) painting.

I am pretty sure that any paint artists can reast sure that I will not be encroaching on their means of gain anytime soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

so just what do you do when you aren't feeling well,

and you are just bored to tears?

You make Webkinz clothes. Ashlin had a friend over and before I know it they had this great plan to make clothes for all the Webkinz. Talk about inventive because they brought me her jammies that were too small and asked if they could cut them up for it. I said no but little did they know I have a secret stash of fabrics for this kinda thing.

Ashlin made a purple felt jacket, and a floral gathered skirt (as seen here). Don't let this one picture fool you, even though they were hand sewing and very intent on what they were doing.

Tomorrow I will see if I can remember to take a picture of her Webkinz poodle all decked out.

reading books...

It has been forever since I just reas a book for myself. Reading books like Walter the Farting Dog doesn't count right.

I started with Creation in Death by JD Robb (really Nora Roberts) I thought it would be like Colony or something sorta light. Nope, it was all about a serial killer and the race to catch him. Sometimes gory, but I still enjoyed it.

Then I just finished The Road By Cormac Mccarthy. Wow. I had to finish it in one sitting, I could not put it down. Now I am tired from staying up to late reading. But it was such a well written, compelling story. I do believe it is story that will stay with me.

I can see why it is on the bestseller list.

Now I need a new book to read, any suggestions??

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

only because I just can't wait till mid Feb!

You can't tell here since she looks so good, but very soon there will be a new addition in this family. I have no doubts that she will be just as loved and happy as her big brother. (not to mention cute!)

I will have lots more for you to see soon! (I found my card it is Feb 20th) See you then!

Monday, February 04, 2008

a sad sad day for my wallet :(

My dear Ashlin is no longer happy with the dollar store products. She desperately wanted new wax crayons so we went ot the dollar store. She refused to get those kind, sayins she wanted the kind had at school. The ones they have at school don't leave streaks when you color, and they are called Crayola.

Well fine.

So went to the other store and bought some Crayolas. $17.00 dollars later she is now quite the happy and contented coloring wondergirl.

Personally though I think she is right, the dollar store crayons really do suck lol.

Friday, February 01, 2008

childhood fun...

I don't take enough pictures of my kids just playing. But here he is, messy hair, mismatched clothes, holes in the socks and all. Playing with his newfound train set. See what good happens when you put toys away for a while? He loves it again. And honestly I am pretty happy the moonsand is out of sight for a bit, that stuff gets everywhere!

Shooting wide open, just window light - gotta love it!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

this about sums her up completely

my apologies if you have seen these pictures of Ashlin before, but really drama queen is pretty accurate today. Who know almost being eight was soooo hard! I was not even going to digi scrap or anything, I was just playing with my new downloads and this feel into place. Now if only I could finish altering all these silly things I have been bringing home to create with.

of course I should really put a few big crocodile tears on her cheeks for today too. Please tell me that boys do not become this dramatic about things like socks being the wrong type, favoutite pants bring in the laundry and having to put dirty plates off the table. I am soooo hoping that my easy going Colton stays that way!!

is it naptime yet?

This has been a bad week for getting anything of substance done. I swear that I have an elephant tied to my ass or something. I am having major issues with this "something" and just wish I could get better! Until I go and get that darned sleep stud done my dr will not consider other options for me. I guess I do understand her point, but the sleep study clinic is darn freaky!!

So if anyone knows a wonder drug for energy, please hook me up! I really need it.